Spend 1 to use a (melee) or (ranged) weapon . Then follow these steps in order:

1. Aim

Designate 1 square within range. The range depends on the icon on the weapon’s card:

- The square where the attacker is located.

- A Nearby square.

2. Attack

Roll as many Assassin dice () as mentioned on the weapon’s card . Note: An attack represents a sequence of blows that can hit several Enemies.

= 1 hit.

= 1 AND triggers the weapon’s special ability (see below) .

= Failure AND Enemy Retaliation (see below).

3. Weapon Special Ability

The weapon’s special ability is triggered once only per attack. Any on another dice is considered a . The effect of the special ability is added to the current attack (it is not a new attack).

4. Assign the

Assign the to Enemies on the target square as desired. Each Enemy that has received a number of equal to the total of on their card is Eliminated. Lay down each Eliminated Enemy miniature: They are now “Bodies”. If the total of is inferior to the Enemy’s total of , their armor absorbs the attack and nothing happens. If there are more than wounds to allocate, the are lost (they cannot hit Enemies on other squares). Note: An Assassin’s attack cannot hit another Assassin

5. Alert State and status change

Apply the effect of the red and/or icons if they are on the card of the weapon that is used:

: The Assassin/Ally becomes exposed. Attach a onto their base.

: The Alert is triggered. Flip the Alert State to .

6. Retaliation

After rolling the dice and allocating the potential , if you rolled 1+ AND there is at least 1 living Enemy remaining on the targeted square, the Assassin becomes exposed if they were incognito (the Alert is triggered) AND is immediately subjected to 1 Retaliation: Each Enemy present on the target square performs 1 attack on the Assassin who has just attacked (see rule point 31 to know how the Enemies attack).

Note: Only Assassins that have taken part in the attack that has caused the Retaliation are subjected to it. Enemies equipped with a can Retaliate from a distance.

Example: Dariâ uses a Throwing Knife to target a square in contact with the one where she is. The square contains 1 Crossbowman and 1 Agile Guard. She rolls 1 die and gets 1 : She missed her target. She becomes exposed, the Alert is triggered and the Crossbowman immediately Retaliates with his weapon (which allows him to attack from a distance). The Agile Guard cannot Retaliate because he is not in range (his weapon is )


Assassins can combine their and/or attacks to make a powerful Coordinated Attack. Each participating Assassin spends 1 . Designate a target square within range of the Assassins, then each participating player rolls their dice. Choose how to assign the potential to the Enemies on the targeted square. In the event of a Retaliation, share the dice as evenly as possible among all the exposed Assassins who participated in the Coordinated Attack then roll them.