There are 3 types of Hiding Spots: Haystack or cart (printed on the Tower tiles) or rooftop garden miniature. 1 Assassin/Ally (one only) on a square with a Hiding Spot can enter that Hiding Spot for 0 . Place their miniature on the Hiding Spot.


An Assassin/Ally on a square with an empty Hiding Spot can enter it if they are incognito (invisible to the Enemies’ eyes). If they are exposed, they can hide there provided there is no Enemy on their square (they become incognito, leave their red base on the square).

An Assassin/Ally in a Hiding Spot does not undergo Detection Tests (see below) when 1+ Enemies enter the square they are on. Additionally, an Assassin in a Hiding Spot can perform the following actions (the first three actions do not require the Assassin/Ally to exit the Hiding Spot):

- Attack with their Hidden Blade (). Note: You cannot attack from a Hiding Spot with a or a .

- Hide the Bodies of Enemies that were Eliminated on their square.

- Use Equipment.

- Leave their Hiding Spot for 0 : Place their miniature on the square where the Hiding Spot is located. If 1+ Enemies are present: Perform a Detection Test.