Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<48> Leonardo Da Vinci's Machines


A Machine can accommodate a maximum of 1 Character. For 0 , 1 exposed or incognito Assassin on the same square as an unoccupied Machine can climb into it. Exiting it costs 1 : Place your miniature on the Machine’s square (perform 1 Detection Test if 1+ Enemies are present).

An Assassin who is inside a Machine is incognito. They can only carry out actions specific to this Machine by using their own . They cannot use their Special Ability, or Skills, and cannot benefit from those of other Assassins.

Place as many on the Machine’s card as the number of written on the card. Similarly to a Boss, a machine loses 1 only when it targeted by an attack with a number of at least equal to the number of remaining on its card. When you remove its last , the Machine is Eliminated (remove it from the Map). If an Assassin was inside, leave their miniature incognito on the square where the Machine was Eliminated (perform 1 Detection Test if 1+ Enemies are present).

When an Enemy attack targets a Machine containing an Assassin, all dice are allocated to the Machine. If 1+ exposed Assassins are on the square of a Machine that is not controlled by a Guard, the Enemies’ dice are split equally between the Machine and the Assassins.

Note: Enemies never attack a Machine containing a Guard.

When a Machine attacks with dice and rolls 1+ , the surviving Enemies on the target square Retaliate as usual.

Note: A Machine does not occupy a space on a square (4 Enemies can enter it as usual), but the Guard aboard a Machine occupies 1 of the square’s spaces.