Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<41> Headquarters Steps Resolution


When returning from a successfully completed Memory (including if you failed twice trying to complete it), resolve the effects of each Building, in the following order:

I. Hospital

Each Ally/Assassin Apprentice on a white space will restore 1+ to 1+ Assassins depending on the Headquarters’ level. The level is indicated on the back of the card located on the top of the Contract deck.

1. Determine the number of to give back to the Assassins by checking the brown cards of the Allies/Assassin Apprentices in the Hospital. Any Eliminated Assassin who is healed in the Hospital returns as either Injured or Full Health (if they have recovered all their ) and may take part in the next Memory.

2. Remove all miniatures from the Hospital.

3. Allies and Assassin Apprentices do not need to be healed: If they have been Injured or even Eliminated, they will be available with all their for the next Memory or for the second attempt at a Memory that was failed.

II. Workshop

Each Blueprint card has a manufacturing cost in small black () and white () cards. If you have placed 1 Blueprint card in the Workshop, you can build the object shown on the Blueprint by paying its cost with Equipment, Reward and Special Equipment cards (made from Blueprints). Note: A Blueprint card that has not been manufactured is not considered as a .

1. Determine the number of cards needed by looking at each brown card of the Allies /Assassin Apprentices in the Workshop. Used cards that bear a icon are permanently removed from the game, those with a icon are placed in the Equipment discard pile.

2. Remove all miniatures from the Workshop.

Once the object is manufactured, flip the Blueprint card: You can now use it.

Example below: You have to spend 4 and 3 to build the Flying Machine. Since the players have not placed any miniatures in the Workshop, they decide to permanently discard the Borgia cape and 3 common swords (4 ), 2 parachutes and 1 smoke bomb (3 to be returned to the Equipment deck). They now have the Flying Machine!

If you no longer wish to craft the item, put the Blueprint card in the Main Hall

III. Shop

The Shop allows you to acquire additional Equipment cards. Draw and reveal 4 cards from the Equipment deck (ignore Investigation cards and draw other cards to replace them):

1. Determine the number of cards to keep by reading the brown card of each Ally /Assassin Apprentice present in the Shop.

2. Remove all miniatures from the Shop.

Place the Equipment cards thus acquired on the Assassins’ boards and/or in the Headquarters’ Main Hall.

IV. Command Room

Each Contract card requires a certain number of to be completed. These Contracts improve the Headquarters’ Level.

Reminder: The Headquarters’ Level is shown on the back of the card that is on top of the Contract deck. The Headquarters’ Level determines the amount of health restored to Assassins and allows them to use more Skill cards.

1. If this is your 1st attempt at completing the Contract, determine the number of dice to roll by reading the brown card of each Ally /Assassin Apprentice in the Command Room. Roll the dice. If the total of (Reminder: 1 counts for 1 ) is greater than or equal to the value indicated on the Contract card, you have succeeded: Remove the card from the game (). The back of the new card thus revealed indicates the Headquarters’ new level.

If the total is lower, you have failed: Your Headquarters’ level does not increase and the Contract remains face up on top of the deck.

If this is your 2nd attempt, the Contract is automatically fulfilled.

Reminder: During the Assignment step, enough miniatures had to be placed in the Command Room in order to fulfill the Contract.

2. Remove all miniatures from the Command Room.

Example: A Contract requires 3 to be completed on a first attempt. The players placed 4 Allies without any particular bonuses in the Command Room. They roll 4 dice, the result is 3 : That’s just enough to complete the Contract!

If the result was 2 (or less), the Contract would not have been completed: During the next Assignment step, players should place enough miniatures in the Command Room (for example 3 Allies with no particular bonuses) to automatically obtain 3 and fulfill the Contract.