Enemies that are Nearby an Assassin/Ally who is exposed will move towards them and attack them as soon as they can.

An Assassin/Ally automatically becomes exposed:

- If 1+ Enemies have successfully performed a Detection Test against them (see 22).

- As soon as they use a weapon or Equipment with a icon.

- As soon as they are subject to a Retaliation ().

Clip a to the base of the miniature of the Assassin/Ally who is exposed (in place of the Assassin’s color base). If there already is a on the Assassin’s square, clip it to their base.

Any Assassin / Ally who becomes exposed immediately triggers the Alert State .

To become incognito again, an Assassin / Ally who is exposed must move to a square without any Enemies. Then, remove the from the miniature, place it on their arrival square and recover your color base. Assassins can also use a card that allows someone to become incognito.

Note: A that isn’t attached to miniature represents the last known position of an Assassin/Ally who is exposed.

Reminder: At the end of each turn, remove any that isn’t attached to a miniature from the Map.

If the Assassin does not move or use any cards, they remain exposed, even if there are no Enemies left on their square or even on the Map.