Whenever an exposed Assassin leaves a square containing 1+ Enemies, they are immediately Hunted by half of them, rounded up. Choose which Enemies participate in the Hunt among those who can move.

As long as an Assassin is Hunted, they cannot be incognito. Enemies stop the Hunt as soon as they can no longer move (see 30).

Reminder: A Guard does not move if he is on an Objective base or a square with 1+ .

Reminder: An exposed Assassin cannot use a Fast Travel Station or climb a Tower if there are 1+ Enemies on their square.

Tip: Enemies cannot Hunt an Assassin who is using a piece of Equipment that lets them glide, such as a parachute.


Dariâ is exposed. She is on a square with 1 Elite Guard and 2 Crossbowmen.

She exits the square: The players decide that the 2 Crossbowmen are the ones to immediately Hunt her. They enter a square where Bastiano is incognito. The Guards perform a Detection Test and roll 1 : Bastiano becomes exposed!

Dariâ, who was being Hunted, leaves the square. The Guards don’t Hunt her: Bastiano’s is on their square. She becomes incognito again on her destination square (her is then placed on it). This square contains a Fast Travel Station: Dariâ can use it to leave the Map.