Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<15> Use Fast Travel Station



Assassins use Fast Travel Stations to enter and exit a Map. Any Assassin on a square containing a Fast Travel Station can spend 1 to leave the Map.

You then have 2 options:

- Go to the next Memory: Place your Assassin on the table (outside of the Map) while waiting to set up the next Map. Assassins who have left the Map cannot do anything and aren’t affected by anything.

- Return to the game for 0 : Place your Assassin on the square of your choice containing a Fast Travel Station, whether it be on the Map they just left, or on another (you’ll find out how to do this later).

The Assassin keeps everything they owned when entering the Fast Travel Station (Equipment,,, etc.).


Assassin/Allies that are incognito can use Fast Travel Stations. Assassin/Allies that are exposed can use one provided there are no Enemies on the square where it is located (leave their on the square).

When more than one Fast Travel Station is present on a Map, each Assassin can use the one of his choice whether to enter or to exit the Map.

Note: Enemies cannot use Fast Travel Stations.