Assassin''s Creed®: Brotherhood of Venice

<4> Overview of Assassin and Enemy Phase


Overview of the Assassin Phase

Assassins use their to perform actions. These can be used in the order of your choosing (including alternating players). This choice is important!

Example: Alessandra spends 1 , then Bastiano uses 2 , Alessandra uses her last 2 , Claudio uses his 3 then Bastiano uses his last .

Each used is removed from your Assassin’s board. Assassins can perform the same action more than once, for example attack twice by spending 2 .

At the end of the Assassin phase, any left in the 3 slots of your board are lost (remove them from the board).

The Assassins’ actions are detailed later.

Overview of the Enemy Phase

Note: You will not play this phase during Memory 0.1 and you will only play it partially during Memory 0.2.

During this phase, the players control the Enemies during each of the 3 following steps in order:

1. Enemy Reinforcement.

2. Enemy Movement.

3. Enemy Combat.

This phase is detailed in more detail in 28.