Dead Throne

Breaking/Repairing Items


- Other than by using scrolls, weapons and shields can break each other in battle but only when you actually do damage to your opponent.

- When any item is broken you can’t use their effects, attack, or defense and you can’t use them to build a trap or for any other means until fixed.

- When an item is broken, place it upside down where you can. It will still affect your carrying capacity.


- Weapons can break if you attack a defense with a weapon that has less attack than the total number of that defense. During any battle (including with enemies) you can choose to not attack if you know your weapon will break.

- This could happen, for instance, when a player activates a scroll card giving them extra defense during their opponent’s attack.


Shields will break if the attack received is double or more than your shield’s defense, including with enemies.

Repairing Items:

You can repair broken items by:

1) Going to the Market or merchant and paying 5 coin to fix all your items.

2) Or you can use a hammer to fix 1 item. Once you use a hammer, the hammer goes back to where it came from.

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