- Players = Everyone in the Game.

- Heroes = Everyone other than Saladar.

- Opponents = Refers to players in a battle who are your opponents.

- Enemies = Refers to anything that you can fight other than opponents, such as creatures, bandits, or summoned creatures.

- Standing Enemy = Are all enemies that stay on the map.

- Creatures = Everything other than players, bandits, and other humans you encounter.

- Elements = Are held by some enemies and are shown by an element symbol and are also used with scrolls

- Turn = Your turn begins when the paper before you has ended theirs. You can only roll to move once per turn unless it specifies differently on a card. You can land on one or more steps if you manage to, one after the other (for example, by using a Teleport scroll). Your turn ends when there are no more interactions or moves you can make or want to make. Turns go in seating order.

- Game Turn = A player’s turn is from when it is their turn to roll and until they have landed and completed an interaction outside of a battle or Market.

- Game Round = A round is a circle around the board from one player and back comprising all players outside of a battle or the Market.

- Battle = Is an entire battle from the beginning of an attack to when someone either loses, flees, or leaves in some way. The battle is over for the player who left regardless of whether others are still battling. When in a battle your Game Rounds become your Battle Rounds.

1) Battle Turn = The phase where a player is allowed to take action during a battle (when you can attack).

2) Battle Round = Is the time it takes to circle back to the Battle Turn of the player from when the Battle Round started within that battle. Battle order follows the normal game seating order unless there are 4+ players in the game.

3) Battle Area = Is the individual step that the battle is taking place on.

- Defeating = End the battle having won. For enemies, take more health from them than they take from you. For opponents, simply killing them.

- x rounds/turns = With traps, creatures, scrolls, and more, various effects might be activated. These effects include remaining, shielding, summoning, and more for x amount of rounds/turns. This timer starts from the end of the turn of the person it was activated on. So if you’re forced by your opponent to remain for 1 round that time will end as soon as their next turn has ended if they activated it on their turn. The effect, however, starts from the moment it was activated.

- Weapon = Any item with an attack that you have equipped.

- Shield = Is specific to a shield.

- Armor = Is an item that can increase your maximum health.

- Direct Damage
= The receiver will suffer direct damage without using any shield or natural defense. Does not count as an attack.

- Items = Is everything that can be equipped, carried, or placed in your Rucksack. The only exceptions (and therefore won’t affect your carrying capacity but are still considered items) are:

- Medallion Pieces, Region Stones, Coin, Rucksack (these CAN be stolen).

- Scrolls and Lone Quests (these CAN’T be stolen).

- Region section of the Market = Any one of the two hexagons in the box.