Dead Throne




During a battle, only at the beginning of your Battle Turn or after defeating an opponent can you move your shield, weapon, special item, and inventory items around. You cannot equip or un-equip armor.

1) Anything you have equipped is slotted into one of the equipped items slots on your card tray.

2) The items you equip are the items you wear and use in battle. You can equip one of each:

- Weapon = Anything that has an attack.

- Shield = Your shield to provide defense.

- All armor = Helmet, Body Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, Ring. One of each can be equipped.

- Special Items = Any item that has an enchantment other than the above items. Only one special item can be equipped at any one time.


You can combine two items together to

create a single weapon with both an attack and defense. When you do, their enchantments (if any) are kept active. If they get broken, keep the combo to fix it or separate them if you wish though they will both still be broken if separated and will have to be fixed individually.

- The weapon will always display what item can be used to make a combo along with the resulting attack and defense on the left under the description box.

- Each weapon will have a maximum of three options and you can only choose one.

- The resulting item becomes your primary attack and defense should you equip it. Keep both items together as one. You cannot have any other weapons or shields equipped if you use that combo.

Dropping And Losing Items:

- After finishing an interaction you can drop any items. After doing so you end your turn immediately.

- If you drop an item or lose it in any way into the game, then return it to its deck.

- Medallion Pieces and Region Stones will remain on the step that you are on.