Dead Throne

Character and Game Set Up


1) Choose between 1–4 Heroes as your characters. Turn one of the Health Boards over to reveal the Scenario Board. Use the other for your health and set it up with your Hero’s pieces. Get your character’s given items from the Market. Get 5 coin, three scrolls, and activate three quests.

2) Place a red Region Stone on the 10 mark of Agrimor’s health. A green stone on the 1 of your XP bar and one stone on the 35 mark of each town.

3) Take out one Medallion Piece each, the rest are left out of the game. You can give them to others if you want. If you are in a group and a member dies, you can also use yours to revive them. After use, the Medallion Piece will go into the Market, from there you can buy them back for 50 coin. The sell price is the same as on the Market Card.

4) Start at any Inn.

5) Take out the first enemy die (green). Before each player plays, they must roll the enemy die of the level you are on.

6) The 4+ rule and Traps aren’t used. Only use Quest and Scroll cards with the co-op symbol on them, or the solo symbol if alone.

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