Dead Throne

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use my entire roll?
No, you can stop at any point you want up until the number you rolled. So if you rolled an 8 and you only want to move 2 steps you can.
Can I keep Enchanted Items after I have used them?
Yes, unlike tool items, enchanted items can be reused.
Can I keep Tool Items after I have used them?
No, tool items are returned to their deck once they are use.
Can anybody complete Tavern Quests?
Once somebody picks a tavern quest card everybody can compete to complete it. However if you pick a lone quest it is only for you to complete?
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What happens when you die?
If you are a hero and you have a medallion piece you will respawn in any tavern of your choosing on the next turn. However you will lose your medallion piece. If you are Saladar and you have an active region stone you will respawn there on you next turn without losing the stone.
How do you gather coin?
Whenever you defeat a creature you get coin equal to its level. Also you can complete tavern quests, sell items in the market and trade with other players.
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What are the Enemy Dice?
A green, blue or red die with the first letter of a Region name on it.
How do you repair items?
Market or Hammer
Going to the Market or merchant and paying 5 coin to fix all your items. Or you can use a hammer to fix 1 item. Once you use a hammer, the hammer goes back to where it came from.
Using a Rucksack
You can use a rucksack to carry an extra five items but you can only use one at a time.
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How much does a trap cost?
5 coin
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Can you use Teleport Scrolls to escape a Trap?
You can use teleport scrolls to escape battles, traps or when you have to remain with anything.
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Using Scrolls
When you have used a scroll, place it to the side. When it’s your turn again put those cards back into a scroll deck and replace those cards with new ones. At any point during the game you can choose to discard any scrolls in your hand. If you do, place them aside and replace them as normal at the beginning of your next turn.
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How can Saladar enter a Town?
2 Medallion Pieces
In Competitive Mode, Saladar can’t enter the walls of the towns until he has at least 2 Medallion Pieces even with a scroll. If he loses/sells them whilst in a town and then has less than 2 he can stay in the town, but he can’t re-enter after leaving until he has at least 2 again.
How do you win a battle against enemies?
Most damage wins
When you land on an enemy they will attack first. Then it is your turn to attack. Whoever does the most damage wins the battle. To find out how much damage is lost you deduct the total defense from the total attack.
Can I enter a battle with other players?
If you choose to join an ongoing battle, you announce it before landing on that step so no one can bring you into it. Before it is your turn to attack, depending on seating order you are effectively hiding and waiting for the ideal moment to attack. During this time no one in the battle can attack you. As soon as it is your turn to attack that is the moment you have joined the battle with everyone else.
When do I end my turn?
- Immediately after leaving a battle by any means; Unless directed otherwise by a scroll, are fleeing or dropping items. - After interacting with a player; Unless directed otherwise by a scroll or are dropping items. - After interacting with any step; Unless otherwise directed by the card or you are dropping items.
What is a Mother Step?
Left over by the ancient enchanters and found all over Veles. These are places where magic flows strong through the ground.
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What items can't be stolen?
Scrolls, Lone Quests
Only Scrolls and Lone Quests can't be stolen. Medallion Pieces, Region Stones, Coin and Rucksacks (these CAN be stolen).
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What is a Battle Turn?
Turn in a Battle
The phase where a player is allowed to take action during a battle (when you can attack).
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What is a Game Turn?
A Normal Turn
A player’s Game Turn is from when it is their turn to roll and until they have landed and completed an interaction outside of a battle or Market.
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How much do you have to roll to flee?
You roll both dice and if you roll a 9 or more you can flee with those numbers. You cannot re-enter the battle you just left though. If all players in the battle are trapped then you can flee by rolling both dice and don't need to roll any number in particular to do so.
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How long do I remain in place?
With traps, creatures, scrolls, and more, various effects might be activated. These effects include remaining, shielding, summoning, and more for x amount of rounds/turns. This timer starts from the end of the turn of the person it was activated on. So if you’re forced by your opponent to remain for 1 round that time will end as soon as their next turn has ended if they activated it on their turn. The effect, however, starts from the moment it was activated.
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How to use the Health Board
Each player starts at 10. If a player starts with armor, then they place both health board pieces on 10 plus whatever the armor offers. The hexagonal piece goes on the right and the rectangle on the left. If you lose health, your current health piece (rectangle) goes down. If you equip or lose armor, your max health piece (hexagon) moves accordingly. Maximum of four players per board.
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How much does a Carriage Man cost?
5 coin
Using the Scenario Board
To set it up, place a Green Region Stone on the 1 of the XP bar, a Red Region Stone on the 10 of Agrimor's health and any other Region Stone on the 35 mark of a towns health.
Using the Solo Board
Place a Red Region Stone on the top arrow and a Green Region Stone of the Bottom arrow to set it up.
How do you draw cards?
From the bottom
You always draw from the bottom using the finger hole under the tuck box. After you have used the card and need to replace it you simply place it on the top.
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Can you sell items to the Market?
Anything that was bought from the market goes into its normal part of the Market. Anything that was found around the land, including essences goes into the Region Section of the Market (any of the two hexagons, or the square of the insert).
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4+ Rule
Four players or more
Only when there are four or more players in the game. If battling opponents or in the Market. Those players in a battle or the Market do everything in their own bubble. All other players ignore their turn/dice roll and simply play as normal.
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Will there be more games set in the World of Veles?
Dead Throne is only the beginning of this adventure. The timeline (which can be found on our website) contains over 2,400 years worth of history. This is the bases for many more games to come with hundreds of themes and stories to journey.
Do you offer other languages?
We want Dead Throne to be translated into as many languages as possible and to print as many different language packs as possible too. On our website you can find our translated rulebook which you can download. We also have a cards page where every card in the game has been translated. Here you can search via the reference codes found on the cards and view the fully translated card.
How long can the game take?
The game can take on any direction. Because there are so many possibilities each game is completely different and depending on the number of players and their abilities it can vary. If you want a longer game though it can help to spread the tiles apart. The longer it takes to navigate the map the longer the game.
Can you use card sleeves?
The box and card trays and everything else have all been designed to allow for card sleeves. The game contains 530 normal cards (59x91mm) and 10 larger cards (70x110mm). Both are standard card sizes.