Dead Throne

Merchants, Mages, Ring Rocks and Relics



- Merchants can be found around Lirennor on your travels.

- Merchants work the same way as the Market allowing you to buy or sell anything from the Market wherever you are.

- If you choose not to interact you return the card to its deck and end your turn.

Ring Rocks:

- These are powerful remnants of the ancient Kingdom of Thorodan.

- They can provide you with great fortune or ruin your day.

- On the card will be a list of numbers with a corresponding effect.

- Whatever you roll you must obey no matter what.


- Mages are the few good mages left in Lirennor.

- They will help you by selling you scrolls, trading one for another (only once), or swapping things for a new scroll from the Market.


- Ancient and fused with great magic by early enchanters.

- Some will help you and others are cursed.

- Similar to ring rocks, whatever you roll you must obey.

- You don’t have to use a relic’s effect immediately and they can be sold. But once you roll there is no turning back.