Dead Throne

Health Board Rules


The Health Board displays a player’s current health and maximum health. There are two Health Boards which can be placed anywhere on the playing field. Four players can use one Health Board. They are double-sided with the back being used for Scenarios.

- Current Health. Your current health is how much health you have. For example, if you’re on 14 and you lose 5 health, you will place this marker on 9.

- Max Health. This is how much you are allowed to go up to by healing. When you equip armor this goes up by the amount on the armor. It doesn’t move until you either add or remove whatever is providing you with max health.

Maximum health is how much your armor allows (Hexagon). When you increase it, your current health (Rectangle) doesn’t go up with it. You must heal for your health to go up. When you fully heal, your health goes up to where your max health is. You can increase your armor by equipping items that offer the armor symbol on them, but you can’t go beyond 20 by any means.

Current health is how much health you have (due to losing health in battle, for example).

- Each Health Board has a maximum of four players that can use that board.

- Each player will start on 10. If you start the game with items that increase your maximum health then you place your health board markers on 10 + whatever those items offer.

- You can set up the Health Boards wherever they are convenient for you on the table depending on the players using that particular board.


At this point you are down to your last health. If you go any lower you will die.


All players will start at this point unless your starting equipment provides some armor or for Saladar how many active Region Stones he has.


This is the maximum amount of health you can have. No matter how much armor or extra abilities you have no one can go beyond this point.


There are three ways of healing yourself:

1) Going to an Inn. Restore all your health by interacting and then ending your turn. Saladar can also go to an active Region Stone.

2) Using a Health Potion. Restore to the given amount.

3) Defeating a creature that belongs to the Region of the Region Stone you are carrying to restore all your health.