Dead Throne



There are three ways of winning:

1) Battle To Victory

- In this challenge you must battle your way to victory. Each time you defeat an enemy you move the red Region Stone up by its level.

- You start each row on the left.

- The numbers indicate boss creatures. You cannot pass without defeating it. Roll one die for their attack and one die for their defense. You then times those numbers by the number in the hexagon to get their attack and defense.

- You must battle it as soon as you reach it.

- After defeating it you remain there and can only move forward after defeating another creature.

- When you reach the final boss creature and defeat it you will have won.

2) Quest Galore

- The quest challenge is a simple one. For each quest you complete, be it Lone Quest or Tavern Quest you move the green Region Stone up by one.

- When you make it to the end you have won.

- On both scroll cards and Tavern Quest cards you will find the Solo Play symbol on them. This indicates that the card can be used during Solo Play. You can only use quests and scrolls that have this symbol on them during Solo Play. If they do not, simply put it out of play and draw a new one.

3) Double Challenge

The double challenge combines both of the aforementioned challenges. Along both challenges there is a red highlighted hexagon. If you reach this point or beyond on both challenges then you have won.