Dead Throne



The decks are placed over the front of the box. You draw from the bottom and replace cards on the top.

Set up your game place with the card tray. Your Medallion Pieces or Region stones on the side as well as any coin. Life Tokens go in your inventory or rucksack as they affect carrying capacity. Any Essences also affect carrying capacity and so should be placed in your inventory or rucksack.

If you place a scroll on a step it helps to use a card stand.

In the Competitive Mode, you must make it to the castle to win. Other players will try to chase you down before you get there.

When you are on an Inn you can fully heal by ending your turn on that step.

The Region section of the Market is the large square within the insert.

To pick up Medallion Pieces or Region Stones you clear the step it is on by interacting with it. If you survive you can then pick it up.

In Defender Mode when an enemy is in a town it will continue to damage that town until you defeat it.

In Defender Mode, when enemies spawn you locate the blue stack of stones on the tile the enemy dice says.

In Defender Mode, the Scenario Board is set up by placing the Green Region Stone on the 1 of the XP bar. A Red Region Stone on the 10 of Agrimors Health. And any of the remaining Region Stones on the 35 of the health of each Town.

In Solo Mode, you set up the Solo Board by placing a Red Region Stone on the arrow of the top brown row of hexagons and a Green Region Stone on the arrow of the top green row of hexagons.