Dead Throne

Box Set Up


All Three Parts

After taking off the lid you will find the Miniatures Intray and the Box Bottom.

Setting Up The Market

1) Place the Lid upright behind the Box Bottom. Place the Bottom above the lower side of the Lid as support and push flush against the front of the Market.

2) Using both holes on the Slider, on either side of the Market, slide the Slider down to open the Market for business.

Place The Deck Boxes

There are 10 decks in the game. Seven of them are placed over the edge of the front of the Bottom. You can match them by the artwork on the front of the Bottom. This also helps you identify which deck to draw from.

The remaining three are the scroll boxes (all of which have the same art). These get placed around the table to your convenience.

Above is the box content layout.

- There is extra room for future components.

- The Miniatures intray goes above this along with the health boards and the rule book.

- The card trays are underneath the Tiles.

- We recommend placing three of the Tiles on the right hand side (above the square) as extra protection for the dice, Region stones, Medallion Pieces etc.