Dead Throne

Quests and Lone Quests


Tavern Quests:

When citizens need something done they put a notice up at a Tavern for all to see. When you go to a Tavern, pick up a Quest Card. It will have a quest. Place the card to the side. The quest can be completed by anyone. So you must compete for the reward.

- With some quests you will have to return an item(s) to a specific Tavern to collect the reward. The location of that Tavern will be specified on the quest’s instructions.

- If it doesn’t, you just have to go to any Tavern.

- Some quests will direct you to people or locations on the map. It will always explain the location on the card and what you are looking for.

Completing the quest:

- Same rules as when you complete a Lone Quest.
- After you have completed a Tavern Quest, return the card and draw a new one Immediately.

Lone Quests:

Unlike Tavern Quests, Lone Quests can be found on your travels, when you find people around the land that are in distress.

Finding A Lone Quest:

When you find a quest it is yours to complete. Only you have that option. Keep the card until completed unless you choose not to take it on (if it allows). If you leave, the quest is not completed and you return the card to its deck. You can’t give the quest to someone else nor can it be stolen and it won’t affect your carrying capacity.

Lone Quest Structure:

Lone Quests have options. You choose which direction you want to follow. A quest is only completed when you reach a reward.

1) Structure: Quests are separated into steps. You follow each step one by one to get to the reward. This must all happen within your turn, unless there is an hourglass on an arrow indicating that it will take multiple turns.

2) Leaving: If you choose to not do the quest by walking away, or any other option that doesn’t lead to a reward, then you simply place the card back and end your turn. The quest is then not completed.

3) Battling: Fighting enemies is like normal; whoever does more damage wins the battle. You have to win before you can move onto the next step, otherwise you fail the quest and return it to its deck ending your turn. Some creatures have a x1, 2, 3, 4 in their attack or defense icon. This means that you must roll one die and times that number by the one in the icon to find out their attack or defense.

4) Following directions: If a quest tells you to go to a specific place then you must enter the borders of that town or Region to complete the quest or step. An arrow means you must complete it now; an arrow with an hourglass on it means you complete that step on a following turn so you must keep the card.

5) Finding items: If you have to find an item or anything else, keep the Quest Card until you do.


When you complete a quest you get a reward depending on which direction you followed.

1) Coin: If your reward is coin then you just collect the amount of coin that is stated.

2) Scroll: When you get a scroll, you pick the given amount out of the deck. You can carry a max of 8.

3) Life Tokens: Red bottle with a number.

- Hold onto them until you choose to use them.

- The front side (little blue bottle intact) will heal you; the back (broken blue bottle)can be used to inflict direct damage to your opponent. You must pick one side to use. The amount to be healed with or damaged by is on the bottle of the relevant side.

- To be used like a tool item on your turn and only once, then returned to the Market.

- Counts as an item – can be stolen – affects carrying capacity by 1.

4) Item from the Market: Keep the card until you’re at a Market or with a merchant and then use it. When you do so, discard the Quest Card.

5) Trap Card: Take a Trap Card from its deck and don’t reveal it to anyone.