Item Definition:

- Items = Is everything that can be equipped, carried, or placed in your Rucksack. The only exceptions (and therefore won’t affect your carrying capacity but are still considered items) are:

1) Medallion Pieces, Region Stones, Coin, Rucksack (these CAN be stolen).

2) Scrolls and Lone Quests (these CAN’T be stolen).

Getting Items:

- Items can be bought from the Market or merchants, found throughout Lirennor or rewarded to you.

- You can also sell any items you have (even items you have found) at the Market or to merchants. When you do, it remains in the Region items section of the Market (one of the two hexagons in the box) and anyone can buy it back.

- Items can be equipped, held, or kept in your Rucksack. You cannot end your turn with more items than you can carry. You can move items around regardless of whether it’s your turn or not but not when in a battle.

Inventory Items:

1) Items that aren’t equipped or in your Rucksack are considered to be held in your inventory. You can hold up to 3 items.

2) You cannot use the attack, defense, or enchantment of an item you are holding; only items you have equipped.


1) A Rucksack is used to carry an extra 5 items, but doesn’t affect carrying capacity itself when being used.

2) Each player can only use 1 Rucksack but can carry more if they want.

3) During battle players can’t access their Rucksack for any purpose.

4) Place any items in your Rucksack under your Rucksack card so others cannot see them.