Dead Throne

Combined Attacks


- Combined attacks can be performed by combining the attack of your weapon and summoned creature(s) in a battle into one single attack.

- When doing so, everything involved can’t attack again until your next Battle Turn and can only be used to attack one opponent or enemy at a time.

- They work simply by using your own attack, for example 5 and your creature’s attack, for example 4. This will result in a single attack of 9.

- If you choose to combine your attack, then you can do so in any combination you wish. For example, if you have two summoned creatures, you can combine your attack with one creature to attack opponent A and with the remaining creature alone to attack opponent B if you want it to. Or you can attack the same opponent with both of those attacks. The advantage is a greater attack.

- The disadvantage is that your opponent might have a scroll to revert that back onto you. The risk is yours to take.