Dead Throne

Battling Enemies


- ‘Enemies’ refers to anything that you can fight other than players, including summoned creatures. The 4+ Rule doesn’t apply when battling enemies.

- Each Region has a different kind of enemy with different levels of difficulty. When you run into an enemy you will have to fight it in order to survive.

1) When you get attacked by an enemy they will get the first attack and damage your health if they can.

- The same attack and defense rules apply to enemies. If their attack is more than your defense then you lose the difference in health.

- During their attack you can use scroll cards as normal to defend yourself.

- Creatures with x1, 2, 3, 4 in their attack or defense mean that for each attack you must roll one die and times it by that number.

2) After they have attacked it’s your turn to attack.

3) Whoever does the most damage overall wins the fight and gets the rewards.

For example: The player would defeat the
enemy and win the fight in this scenario:

4) If you get defeated by an enemy.

Enemies will take your coin if they defeat you. The amount of coin they take is dependent on their level. It is always the same number of coins as their level.

Some enemies will make you remain where you are for a number of turns, move in a specific direction, lose items, etc. You will only have to do this if you are defeated, i.e. they took more health from you than you did from them.

- Some enemies have preferences. If they want a specific item it will mention what you lose on the card. The item they want is referring to what you have equipped. Or sometimes your Rucksack, meaning it and everything in it.

- If you don’t have what they want equipped or you don’t have a Rucksack, then ignore it and carry on as normal.

- If you have what they want you return those cards to their original decks.

- If they take your coin then it’s all the coin you have up to the amount displayed on top of any coin they receive from their level.

5) If you defeat the enemy.

- If you win you get coin in the same way. The amount you get is the same as their level.

- Some enemies will have a reward for you if you defeat them. The reward will be displayed on the card.

- If you both do the same amount of damage then it’s a stalemate and no one wins anything.