- In order to use town structures you must land on their own step. Each one offers something different.

- When you land on one, you complete your interaction and then end your turn.

- The three buildings in the town walls are considered town buildings even when elsewhere around the land.


The Inn is the place you begin and get respawned in. You can also go there to restore all your health by interacting with it, restoring your health and then ending your turn.


- In the Market you can buy or sell any item(s) indefinitely. This process is like battles, where if 4+ players are in the game the other players play as normal skipping your dice roll until you declare that you have finishe. When you finish, wait for your Game Turn before you can roll again.

- If you sell an item that isn’t from the Market, but was found, then you place it in the Region item’s section (one of the two hexagons in the box).

- Items that are part of a combo must be sold separately.

- You will also have two market reference cards. One will list the price for all essences and other items bought at the Market. The other will have a category’s minimum buy price for items held within the Market.


When citizens need something done they put a notice up at a Tavern for all to see. When you go to a Tavern, pick up a Quest Card. It will have a quest. Place the card to the side. The quest can be completed by anyone. So you must compete for the reward.

- With some quests you will have to return an item(s) to a specific Tavern to collect the reward. The location of that Tavern will be specified on the quest’s instructions.

- If it doesn’t, you just have to go to any Tavern.

- Some quests will direct you to people or locations on the map. It will always explain the location on the card and what you are looking for.

Completing the quest:

Same rules as when you complete a Lone Quest.

- After you have completed a Tavern Quest, return the card and draw a new one immediately.

Carriage Man:

Every town has a carriage which you can use to quickly travel to any other town’s carriage immediately.

- You have to pay 5 coin.

- When you get there, unless you interact with a player you end your turn on that town’s carriage without picking up a Region Card

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