- Agrimor will die when his health goes to 0.

- In battle, take his health down according to the damage he sustained.

- Each time you roll an Ag+, his health will go up by the number of players. If you roll Ag, you must find and spawn Agrimor in Stonesea and then shuffle the deck.

- Each time you defeat Agrimor, roll the level 2 die to spawn him on that waymarker. If Ag+, ignore it and roll again.

- On the Defender Card are Agrimor’s XP Stats. These abilities are unlocked if his health is on/above that number.

- If Agrimor lands in a town, he will attack it and on his next turn will move on.

- Agrimor moves towards the castle. If he stays in there for one Game or Battle round he will win the game.

- Agrimor cannot form or join a group.