Dead Throne

Starting and Ending you turn


The default turn order is in a clockwise direction. You can decide who the first player is by rolling a die. Whoever rolls the highest number playes first.

Starting Your Turn:

- When it is your turn in the seating order you can choose to move or make another action.

- You don't have to roll first. If you want interact with the step you are on without moving you can.

- You can also use a scroll or any other form of action or interaction you can.

Ending Your Turn

You end your turn when you have nothing left to do, when you choose to end it after
interacting at least once with something or someone or:

- Immediately after leaving a battle by any means;

- Unless directed otherwise by a scroll, are fleeing or dropping items.

- After interacting with a player;

- Unless directed otherwise by a scroll or are dropping items

- After interacting with any step;

- Unless otherwise directed by the card or you are dropping items.