Dead Throne

Long Way Home (Co-Op)


Long way home

Returning heroes find themselves having to battle their way through a hoard of merciless creatures at the command of a Dark Mage.



2-5 players

One player must always GM (The Dark Mage)


GameMaster is required




After returning from an arduous battle in the eastern kingdom of Perun, our hero(s) return to Hailwen. But before passing through they realise that Lirennor is infested with creatures of the dark. In order to pass through they must defeat a dark mage who has taken over the old castle, help the people of Lirennor and secure their passage home.

Heroes Objective

1) Make it to the castle.

- If in the Castle with the Dark Mage you will have to defeat him.

- If in the castle without the Dark Mage, you will win.

2) Defeat the dark mage.

Dark Mage's Objective

1) Defeat all the heroes

2) Make it to 20 points

Set Up:

- Place the tiles in a row. Place the Dead Castle on the end, then both rocks, then woods, then water, then two towns. The third town, known as the Home Town, place on the end in between the two other towns. That Home Town, on the Inn is where players start the game.

- Choose your heroes.

- One player must be the Dark Mage. Locate his card (R11) and place him in the castle on a card stand.

- The Dark Mage can now place Standing Enemy on card stands.

--- If one hero he places one S.E. per tile wherever he wants on its relevant region.

--- If two or more heroes he then places two S.E. per tile.

--- No S.E. are placed on the castle tile apart of the Dark Mage himself.

--- No S.E. are placed on the Home Town Tile.

- All heroes take their relevant starting equipment, 5 coin, 3 scrolls and activate 2 quests. No Medallion - Pieces are used in this scenario.

- No traps are used in this scenario.

- The Dark Mage uses one red Region Stone (known as his marker) and places it to the left (on 0) of one of the health rows on a Health Board. He then uses the health board row to track his points (1-20).

Dark Mage Mechanics:

- The Dark Mage still counts as a Standing Enemy.

- Use his marker to track his points on the health board. At the beginning of his turn he gains equal points to heroes.

- After all the heroes have played it is now his turn to play.

- Rolls two die and can manage that total number to move all S.E. For example if he rolls a 6, he can move himself by 2, S.E. A by 3 and S.E. B by 1.

- His S.E. can form groups equal to the number of heroes. If 2 heroes for example, he and his S.E. can only form a maximum group number of 2. Multiple S.E. groups can be formed though.

- Each S.E. in a group moves as an individual. If a 10 has been rolled for example, S.E. A can move 5 steps and then S.E. B must also move 5 steps to land on the same step.

- Each of his S.E. and/or himself can attack once per turn per S.E.. He will move his S.E. however he likes and try to block or defeat the heroes.

- On his turn he can spend his points to spawn a new S.E on the Waymarker of its relevant region type. 1 point for field S.E., 2 for docks, 3 for woods and 4 for rocks. Each time he spends points he must move his marker down by the equivalent amount.

Hero Mechanics:

- All the heroes start in the Inn of the Home Town.

- All the standard game mechanics apply.

- When only one hero, follow the standard Solo rules.

- When 2 or more heroes, follow the standard Co-Op rules.


- When using the Dead Castle the Dead Zone rule where it counts as a rock region must be used.

- Any option to Teleport (scrolls or otherwise) cannot be used. If drawing a Teleport scroll, simply put it aside and draw again.

- S.E. move depending on the Dark Mages roll, not their level