Dead Throne

Restrictions and Others


No one can enter the castle building until they have collected all the pieces they require. Heroes need all in-play Region Stones and Saladar needs all the Medallion Pieces. (This doesn’t mean the Region the castle is on, just the castle itself. The castle counts as a step.)


- If a Hero defeats Saladar in battle within the Region of an active Region Stone, that Hero will automatically receive that Region Stone, if they wish to, regardless of their position within that Region.

- When players have a Region Stone on them, they can consume the essence of a creature of the same Region to fully restore their health. If used immediately after defeating a creature, that creature doesn’t need an essence, nor do you need to make room for it as an item. Players can also consume the essence of a creature they already have as long as it’s of the same Region. In either case the creature is then returned to its original deck.

- For every Region Stone a Hero has, they receive 1 extra max health.

- For every Medallion Piece Saladar has, he will receive 1 extra max health.

- Like armor, if they lose it they must lower their max health accordingly.

- Whilst a player is currently in an interaction with the Market, other players can’t interact with them.


- Saladar can’t enter the walls of the towns until he has at least 2 Medallion Pieces even with a scroll. If he loses/sells them whilst in a town and then has less than 2 he can stay in the town, but he can’t re-enter after leaving until he has at least 2 again.

- To teleport between Region Stones he has to interact with an active Region Stone then teleport to another active Region Stone. When he teleports to the other Region Stone unless there’s another player to interact with he must end his turn. (Whilst on a Region Stone he can teleport himself at the beginning of his turn.)

- Saladar can also pick up Region Stones which counts as an interaction ending his turn afterwards. However, when he does, that Region Stone is deactivated and he will have to move his max health marker down by 2.