Dead Throne

Rogue Regions (Competitive)



Descendants of the Queens Guard. Your duty and quest as the Medallion Bearers has finally revealed itself. When the Region Stones of Lirennor were expelled from the throne, the Regions gained autonomy and a life of their own. It is up to you to reclaim them and return them to the throne in order to restore the balance of power and the command of the throne over Lirennor. But only one can rule, only one can wield the power of all six, only one of you will make it.

Main Objective:

- One hero must collect all of the Region Stones and enter the castle to win.

Alternative Objectives:

- Kill all other players in the game to be the last player standing.

- Defeat the dragon Agrimor in the Rocks Region to collect the crown of the king. Then enter the castle to win.

Set Up:

1) Choose one hero each (not Saladar).

2) Take 5 coin, three scrolls and your chracters starting equipment from the Market.

3) Take one Medallion Piece each.

4) Activate two Tavern Quests. Place your hero on any step in any Field Region.

5) Place all six of the Region Stones on any random step of their relevant Region.

- Green = Woodmist, Oldhedge (Woods)

- Blue = Alepond, Grayloch (Docks)

- Red = Stonesea, Palecliffs (Rocks)

Standing Enemy

- If you battle an enemy and it defeats you (does more damage to you than you did to it) then it will remain on that step (using a card stand) until defeated. You are pushed back one step and just end your turn.

- You can’t pass through it from any angle and have to interact. Only when defeated will it be removed. After which the player ends their turn.

Medallion Pieces

- Each hero starts with one but you can steal from other players if you defeat them in battle. The others are left out of the game.

- If you die and at the time of death had at least one Medallion Piece you can respawn in any Inn after missing one Game Turn.

- After a Medallion Piece has been used like that it is removed from the game.

- If you don’t have one when you die then you will have to leave the game.

- Optional: Leave all Medallion Pieces out of the game and just respawn after one turn.

Region Stones

1) The heroes will gain one max health for each one they have.

2) If you defeat a creature from a Region that stone represents, you can fully heal yourself after the battle. You can also consume the essence of a creature you’re carrying to fully heal yourself (if of the same Region). In both cases the creature goes back to its deck afterwards.

Picking Up

- To pick up one or more Medallion Pieces or Region Stones you must first interact with the step itself or anything on it. As long as you don’t die or are moved somewhere else you can pick it up.

- If there is a Standing Enemy on a step with something to pick up, then you must defeat it first before you can pick it up (do more damage to it than it does to you).

Other Points

- If a player dies and must leave the game, their unstolen items go back to where they came from. Region Stones stay on the step they died on.

- No one can enter the castle building until they have collected all Region Stones.