Dead Throne

Enchanted/Tool/Using Items


Enchanted Items:

- There are two types of enchanted items, ones that you find or buy and ones that you create using a scroll.

- Enchanted items are indicated by purple text and the purple enchantment symbol under it.

- By using these items you can gain a significant advantage in the game.

- The effect will tell you how and when it can be used. You can only use an enchanted item’s effect if you have it equipped.

- When an enchanted item is equipped you can use its effect indefinitely should the particular effect allow.

- Some scroll cards will make you attach that scroll to an item to enchant it. When doing so, attach that scroll to the item and keep it with that card. Draw a new scroll after doing so. That attached scroll will remain with that item until discarded, at which point it is returned to the scroll deck.

Tool Items:

Tool items will offer you various abilities throughout the game.

- Any item with the tool item symbol under the description/effect text is a tool item.

- Tool item effects can be used without them being equipped. So if you have a tool item in your inventory or Rucksack you can use its effect if applicable.

- You can only use them during your turn.

- Unlike enchanted items, tool items are a one-time use. After you have used their effect you must return the item to its original deck.

- You can’t use tool items that are in your Rucksack during battle.

Using Items:

1) Equipped: Anything you have equipped is what you will use in a battle and can use its enchantment. Equipped items are your shield, weapon, special item, and all your armor.

2) Unequipped: Items in your Rucksack or inventory are considered to be unequipped.

- Outside of a battle you can use your unequipped items, swap items around, and drop items that you don’t want. But you can only use an item’s enchantment if it is equipped.

- When you drop an item, it is returned to its appropriate deck. If you drop an item after defeating an opponent in battle then those items will be left for the opponent you just defeated.