Dead Throne

Moving/Path/Quick Paths


- Region: Is one of the hexagonal tiles that make up the map.

- Path (Blue):
Is the entire part of the map that you can walk on.

- Steps (Yellow): Each individual part of the path that you step on whilst moving.

- Quick Paths (Red): Are the small paths that join to the main path.

- Town: The three steps within the stone walls is considered the town.

- Lirennor: Is the kingdom the game is played in. Also called map or land, it refers to all tiles in the game.

- There are four custom six-sided dice in the game, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6. You roll two of them (the other two are spare) and move up to the rolled number.

- You can only roll to move once per turn and it doesn’t have to be at the beginning of your turn.
You can carry out an action before rolling if you wish, for example moving items around and then roll unless your action ended your turn.

1) Steps.
You move step by step until you stop. The number you roll is the amount of steps you can make. But you can stop to interact whenever you want. After interacting you end your turn.

2) Quick Paths.
When you take a Quick Path you step onto it as a move and
continue on the other side with the remainder of your moves. If you use your last move on the Quick Path you land on the other end, interact then end your turn. Some Quick Paths have
multiple options giving you an option of more places to land.

- You cannot teleport onto a Quick Path.

- If you land on a card that makes you move back, then your first step must be in the exact direction you came from. If you hadn’t moved when you picked up the card, or if you had teleported then you move in any direction.

The map is an open world style map.
You can explore it how you wish moving in any direction by following any path. After you have made the first step you can’t turn back on the same move unless you manage to circle round by using another path or are forced to by a card.