Dead Throne

Groups - Group Battles



- Any two players or more can come together to form a group. At this point your attack and defense is added up and becomes one.

- Whoever’s turn it is, is considered the point player.

- When you are in a group, players can swap items around as they normally would if alone. This includes scrolls or Lone Quests. The group’s inventory and carrying capacity acts as one.

- Players can split off from the group on their turn should they wish to.

Group Battles:

- Each turn, the point player rolls one die. They decide where to go and you all move as one.

- If the group must battle an enemy, then everyone’s attack and defense is added up and counts as one. The same will apply if battling enemies that are part of a group.

- If you discover anything other than an enemy, such as items or Lone Quests then the point player will interact as normal.

- If damage is sustained, then the point player will have to take the damage.

- If enemies attack the group then the group can decide who will take on the roll of point player for that battle.