Dead Throne

Character and Game Set Up


1) After choosing your characters you each will start with 5 coin, 3 scrolls and your own starting equipment depending on your character.

2) The heroes distribute the 6 Medallion Pieces equally amongst themselves. Any extra go into the Market and can be bought back if you choose to. Do not give any to Saladar.

3) Saladar can choose which Region stones he wants. They must be equal to the number of players other than himself. The rest are left out of the game.

- Green = Woodmist, Oldhedge (Woods)

- Blue = Alepond, Grayloch (Docks)

- Red = Stonesea, Palecliffs (Rocks)

- A stone is active if it’s on a step of the Region that stone represents.

- During the game, if Saladar has an inactive Region Stone (he stole it back from a player or didn’t activate it in the beginning) he will have to carry it to where he wants to place it, (in the Region it represents and not on a building or Quick Path). After interacting with whatever he lands on, he places it on that step and ends his turn. The Region Stone is then activated. When activated, Saladar doesn’t interact with the step that stone is on, only with the stone if he chooses to.

4) Place your Hero on any one of the three Inns. Saladar is placed on one of his active Region Stones. Activate 2 quests and put them to the side for anyone to complete.

5) Decide who the first player is, for example by whoever rolls the highest number and then follow a clockwise direction.

- When drawing cards from their respective decks you draw from the bottom and replace them on the top.

- Before the first player rolls, all players can discard their unwanted scrolls.