Robinson Crusoe

Shelter, Roof and Palisade


The Shelter, Roof and Palisade offer protection from weather, animals and some other game effects. They are built using Build Actions.

The resource cost varies according to the number of players, as shown on the board:

1–2 players: 2 wood or 1 fur

3 players: 3 wood or 2 fur

4 players: 4 wood or 3 fur

You can't combine the two different resources in a single Build Action. You must pay each time entirely in either wood or fur.


Once the Shelter has been built, it is permanent. Place a black marker in the Shelter space on the board, and flip over the camp token to the Shelter side permanently.

Some Island tiles offer a natural shelter. This acts the same as a built Shelter, but the camp token is not flipped to the Shelter side (so if you move the camp later, the Shelter, and any Roof and Palisade, will be lost).

Roof and Palisade

If you have a Shelter, either natural or built, then in any subsequent round you can use a Build Action to build or improve the Roof or Palisade. You can assign multiple Action pawns (or stacks of pawns) to both the Roof and Palisade in order to build or improve them more than once in a single round.

Each time the Roof or Palisade is built or improved, move the relevant marker up one step on the board to record its new value. If this takes the level beyond the highest printed value, use additional markers to record this.

If any game effect instructs you to build or improve the Roof or Palisade, but there is no Shelter, simply ignore the instruction with no penalty.