Robinson Crusoe

Gather Action


This Action allows you to gain resources from the // sources on Island tiles.

Planning the Action

Each Gather Action can be attempted with 2 Action pawns (for an automatic success) or 1 pawn (to take a risk). Place the Action pawns on the tile just above the // symbol showing the source to be gathered from.

If you want to Gather from a tile that is not adjacent to the camp, you must assign 1 further pawn for every step of distance from the camp after the first (adjacent) tile. There must also be an uninterrupted path of explored tiles between the camp and the tile where you want to Gather.

You can plan multiple Gather Actions in a single round, but each source can be gathered from only once per round. This means that you can’t gather resources from the camp tile, because it has already produced during the Production Phase, or from any tile that already produced via a Shortcut. This restriction applies even if you skipped the Production Phase for some reason (for instance, if there is a fog marker on the camp tile in Scenario 2).

Sources covered by a black marker are exhausted and can’t be gathered from (even if there is also a / token).

Resolving the Action

If you assigned 2 pawns to the Action, it succeeds. If you assigned only 1 pawn, roll the Gather (grey) dice to determine the outcome and resolve them in the order Wound, Success, Adventure.

If the Action succeeds, take 1 food or wood (depending on the source) and put it in the Future Resources space.