Robinson Crusoe

Neutral Action pawns


Neutral action pawns can be acquired during the game in various ways, such as from Items, Mystery cards or Discovery tokens.

Neutral pawns are used exactly like a character’s pawns, except that they can only be used for certain Actions corresponding to their colours:

Red pawns can only be used to Hunt

Brown pawns can only be used to Build

Grey pawns can only be used to Gather

Green pawns can only be used to Explore

Dog's pawn can only be used to Hunt or Explore

No Action may be resolved with only neutral pawns. A neutral pawn can only be used to participate in an action after at least 1 character Action pawn has been assigned by a character who will resolve that Action (and suffer any consequences).

Frequency of use

How often a neutral Action pawn can be used depends on how it was gained:

• Once an Item that contributes a pawn is built, that pawn is available to be used every round while the Item remains built.

• Pawns from Discovery tokens can only be used once.

• When you gain a pawn from any other game effect, the instructions will indicate how often it can be used.