Robinson Crusoe

1. Event Phase


Skip this phase in round 1 of the game.

Starting in round 2, the First Player draws the top card from the Event deck.

Resolving an Event card

First, check the top part of the card, which shows either a Book icon or an // Adventure icon.

• If there is a Book icon, immediately resolve the Book icon effect listed on the scenario sheet.

• If there is an // Adventure icon, place an Adventure token of the corresponding colour on top of the deck of the same colour (Build, Explore or Gather), unless there is already an Adventure token there.


1. Read and apply the top part of the card (the Event effect).

2. Place the card in the right-hand Threat space on the board. Any card that was already in that space is moved to the left-hand space, and if the left-hand space is already occupied, its card is pushed off the board. Any cards not moved by other cards remain where they are.

3. If a card is pushed off the board, immediately apply its Threat Effect (the darker-shaded bar at the very bottom of the card), then discard the card.

Event, Adventure and Mystery cards

At the start of the game, there are only Event cards in the Event deck. However, during the course of the game, some Adventure or Mystery cards may get shuffled in. You will always know what kind of card you’re about to draw, because you will be able to see the back of the card on top of the deck.

If you draw an Adventure or Mystery card from the Event deck, look at the bottom half of the card, read out the card name and story text written in italics, and then apply its Event Effect. Then discard this card and draw another one from the Event deck (as indicated on the card itself).

This means you may draw multiple Adventure or Mystery cards from the Event deck before you finally draw an Event card.

Applying card effects

Apply all card effects immediately, both positive and negative. Any resources gained during this Phase are placed in the Available Resources space and can be used immediately.

If a card requires you to pay a cost, discard a token or reduce a value, but you are unable to, each character suffers 1 Wound instead. (This is the rule of unfulfilled demand.) An exception is the Morale track: if Morale is already at its lowest point, it does not sink further, and characters do not suffer Wounds because of this.

An Event card can also demand combat. This is resolved using the normal rules for combat. The First Player must do the combat and suffer all of the consequences alone.