Friday is an additional card which can be used to make the game easier, especially in games with only 1 or 2 players. If you use Friday, take his card and Action pawn at the start of the game.

Friday is not a character, so effects that affect characters do not automatically affect him, and he doesn't count as a player for the purposes of working out the costs of Shelter, Roof and Palisade. He can never be the First Player.

Friday is not affected by Event cards, either immediate or when their Threat Event takes effect, except for Argument.

Planning and resolving Actions

Friday has a white Action pawn. You can assign this pawn to any Action during the planning stage of the Action Phase, including special Actions from the current scenario, or you can leave it unassigned if you prefer.

It does not count as a neutral pawn, meaning that it can be assigned alone (or with neutral pawns, including Dog) to an Action. However, if Friday's pawn is assigned to an Action along with a player's pawn(s), the player is always the resolving character with Friday in support.

When Friday performs an Action where no characters are present:

• If he needs to roll the Action dice, roll for him (obviously).

• You can spend 2 of Friday's Determination tokens to reroll any one Action die rolled for him.

• Friday can never draw an Adventure card. If he would be required to draw one, either because the //Adventure die shows or there is a // token on the deck, he suffers 1 Wound instead (and the token is removed).

• Friday draws Mystery cards if instructed to do so, and they affect him as if he were a character.

• Friday can use Starting Equipment, Items and Treasures (except the Bed).

Wounds, healing and death

Friday has a Wound track similar to that of a character's. Use this to record Friday's Wounds . He can be healed by any mechanism that heals a player or character (including card effects, tokens, special abilities, etc). He can take a Rest Action, but can't use the Bed or Hammock.

Friday does not take Wounds from unfulfilled demand or any other source that inflicts Wounds on "all players" or "all characters", because he is not a character. He is immune to Wounds caused by the weather, and does not need shelter or food.

If Friday dies, the game does not end (because he is not a character), but his card and Action pawn are removed from the game. If he dies during an Action, you still get to keep any resources, cards or tokens that he acquired during that Action.