Grandma’s recipe

Discard 2 Determination tokens and 1 food to heal 2 Wounds from any one character, or one Wound each from any two characters. This ability can be used at any time, not just during the Night Phase.


Discard 2 Determination tokens to reroll any grey die rolled during a Gather Action. You must accept the new result.

You can’t gain tokens from the result of a roll, then spend those very same tokens to use this ability and reroll the same roll!

Stone soup

Discard 3 Determination tokens to gain 1 food. If you do this during the Action Phase, place the food in the Future Resources space; otherwise, it is immediately available.


Discard 3 Determination tokens to ignore one rain clouds result on the Weather dice, or to change one snow clouds result into a rain clouds result. (You can wait until you’ve seen the result of the roll before you decide to do this.)