Robinson Crusoe

Scenario 2: Cursed Island



You win immediately if, at the end of a round, there are five crosses ( blue markers) on five different Island tiles.

Rounds and Weather

The scenario lasts 10 rounds. In the Weather Phase of rounds 6–10, roll the white Weather die.

Special Inventions

Each of these can be built multiple times, even in the same round.

Cross: Place a cross marker ( blue) on any Island tile that doesn’t already have one. You can build this on the tile where the camp is located, or on a different tile using the same rules as for Gather Actions, so this may require multiple action pawns to be successful. You can’t build a cross on a flipped Island tile (because you can’t enter that tile).

Sacred bell: Choose and remove from the board any three fog markers ( white).


Fog markers ( white) have the following effects:

• Actions there require 1 more pawn than usual.

• The terrain type counts as unexplored (unless it has also been explored on a different tile which doesn’t have a fog marker).

• If the fog marker is at the camp, you get no resources there during the Production Phase (even if there are tokens that would normally give additional resources).

• Pit and Shortcut confer their usual resources. If the Island tile with the Shortcut also contains a fog marker, the Shortcut loses its effect, but its sources’ resources can then be gathered as normal.

Book and Totem icons

Book: If possible, choose two Island tiles or spaces that don’t already have fog markers ( white) and place a fog marker on each one. (If you can’t do this, there is no penalty.)

Totem: Each time you reveal a totem icon, add a numbered token to that Island tile. The numbered token effects are:

1. Once per game, in a future round, take an Explore action here to draw 4 Mystery cards, and resolve up to 3 Treasure and 1 Creature. The action counts as successfully resolved even if you don’t resolve all four cards.

2. The player who revealed the icon takes 2 Wounds. No further effect.

3.–6. Each time you place a numbered token, place a fog marker ( white) on all tiles which have numbered tokens, except where there is already a fog marker)

Special Discovery tokens

Cultist’s candle: Take a brown Action pawn. It can be used in future for Build Actions.

Mysterious vial: Without using an Action, immediately build Medicine. If this happens during the Action Phase, place the Medicine card in the Future Resources space; otherwise, it is available immediately.

Decorated bell: Remove up to 2 fog markers ( white) from the board.

Sacrificial dagger: Keep the token. It is available to all players. It provides a temporary +3 Weapon level during combat, but the character using it takes 1 Wound. It can be used an unlimited number of times, but only by one player per round. When you first use the token in a round, take it and keep it for the rest of the round.