Robinson Crusoe

5. Prepare the island


1. Take the 11 Island tiles. Find tile 8 (the beach) and place it face-up on the leftmost space in the centre row on the board. Place the camp token on this tile with the camp side up.

If you are playing Scenario 4 (Volcano Island), consult the scenario sheet for alternative setup instructions.

2. Shuffle the remaining Island tiles and stack them face-down next to the board.

3. Place 1 black marker on the Shovel Invention card, covering up its terrain type (beach). This shows that the beach terrain type is already explored at the start of the game.

Scenario 4 (Volcano Island) starts with tile 10 on the board instead of tile 8. Therefore, instead of placing a black marker on the Shovel, place black marker(s) on any Inventions which show the river terrain type.

4. When playing with 4 players, cover the Arrange Camp space on the board with the Arrange Camp card.

5. Shuffle the Discovery tokens and stack them face-down next to the board.

6. Place all resources, Action and Weather dice, additional Action pawns, and all additional tokens and markers near the board.

7. Give the First Player token to the youngest player.