Robinson Crusoe

Scenario 6: Family Robinson



You win at the end of a round if all the following are true:

• You have built all 9 Inventions that you drew randomly at the start of the game.

• You have a Shelter.

• The Roof and Palisade levels are each at least 1.

• The Weapon level is at least 1.


Instead of drawing 5 random Invention cards, draw 9.

Rounds and Weather

The scenario lasts 12 rounds. The Weather dice are used as shown on the scenario sheet.

Book and Totem icons

Book: During the Production Phase of this round, you only get half the total number of resources. To calculate this, add up the total wood and food you would normally receive and divided this by two, rounding down. You may take this many resources, either wood, food, or a combination of both, but never more of either type than you would normally receive.

Totem: If there are no other tiles of the same terrain type visible on the board, cover this tile’s terrain type with a black marker and treat it as unexplored.

Reclamation Action

There is an additional Action space on the scenario sheet. When you place 2 Action pawns on this space, take the special Reclamation Action, which allows you to remove any one black marker from the board.


As indicated on the round track, you must spend further food during the Night Phase of rounds 7 onwards:
• Rounds 7 and 8: 2 additional food

• Rounds 9 and 10: 3 additional food

• Rounds 11 and 12: 4 additional food

If there is not enough food to pay this cost, you immediately lose. (Unfulfilled demand does not apply here and children cannot go hungry.)


There can be more than one additional food token on the tile with your camp.

Special inventions

Fence: Increase the Palisade level by 1 (if you have already built the Shelter).

Garden: Take 4 food.

Special Discovery tokens

Gunpowder: Reroll the red Weather die (Hungry Animals) once. You must accept the new result.

Old tools: Build the Rope, Pot or Knife for free without an Action. If you use this token during the Action Phase, place the Invention in the Future Resources space; otherwise, it is available immediately.

Seeds: Take 1 non-perishable food.

Plow: Remove any one black marker from the board.