Robinson Crusoe

About character sheets


Special abilities

Each character has a character sheet showing four abilities. You can use an ability at any time, according to the rules for the ability.

Each ability can only be used once per round. Use a black marker to record when an ability has been used. Remove all these markers at the end of each Night Phase.

Wound track

Use a Wound marker to record how many Wounds the character has taken.

• When moving the marker down the track (taking Wounds), skip over the Morale arrows. When you skip an arrow, reduce Morale by 1. If the marker reaches the death space, your character dies and everyone loses the game.

• When moving the marker up the track (healing Wounds), ignore the Morale arrows. Morale does not increase.

Special wounds

The character’s portrait includes spaces to record special wounds to the head, arm, leg and torso. When instructed by a card or other game effect, place a Special Wound token on the appropriate space.

Personal Invention

The right-hand side of the sheet names a personal Invention which can only be built by this character (though others can assist). During setup, place the card here, Invention-side up.

Each time you build your personal Invention during the game, take 2 Determination tokens. If you later have to flip it back to the Invention side, place it back next to your character sheet; you can build it again in a future round.


You can choose to use either the male or the female side of the sheet. They are functionally identical.