Robinson Crusoe

Scenario 1: Castaways



You win immediately if all the following are true:
• it is round 10, 11 or 12
• you have built the Fire Item
• you have built the woodpile on the scenario sheet

Rounds and Weather

The scenario lasts 12 rounds.

• In the Weather Phase of rounds 4–6, roll the orange Weather die.

• In the Weather Phase of rounds 7–12, roll all three Weather dice.

Building the woodpile

Before any Action Phase, add wood to the current stage of the woodpile of the scenario sheet. You can add any amount of wood to the current stage, up to a maximum of the number of markers needed to complete that stage: 1 to complete the first stage, 2 to complete the second stage, and so on, as shown on the scenario sheet.

The current stage is the leftmost stage that you haven’t yet completed (so you build the woodpile from left to right). However, you can only add wood to one stage per round, meaning that it will always take at least five rounds to complete all five stages.

You can’t change your mind and take back wood from the woodpile to use for something else.

Special inventions

Hatchet: Place an additional wood token on the island tile where the camp is located, unless it already has an identical token. If the camp moves in future, the token will move with it.

Mast: Immediately place 3 wood on the woodpile. If the current stage requires less than 3 wood to complete it, discard the others.

Special Discovery tokens

Herbs: Heal 1 Wound.

Oil: Immediately place 2 wood on the woodpile (when you trade in this token). If the current stage requires less than 3 wood to complete it, discard the others.

Pirate sabre: Increase Weapon level by 1.

Medallion of a lady: Take 3 Determination tokens and distribute them freely among the players.

Book and Totem icons

These have no effect in this scenario.