Robinson Crusoe

6. Night Phase


1. Characters must eat. You must discard 1 food for each character. Characters may not choose not to eat, although you may choose whether to use additional Items such as Biscuits. If there is not enough food available, players decide jointly who eats and who does not, and each character who does not eat suffers 2 Wounds. This does not count as unfulfilled demand. (If you spend the night outside of the camp, you can only eat food from your character sheet, not from Available Resources.)

2. Decide whether or not to move the camp to an adjacent tile.

3. If you have not built a Shelter and the camp is not on an Island tile with a natural Shelter, each character suffers 1 Wound. (Any character who spends the night outside the camp also suffers this penalty.)

4. Discard all food except non-perishable food (unless a game effect allows it to be stored). All other resources and Discovery tokens remain in the Available Resources space.

5. Remove all all markers on characters’ special abilities (indicating that these abilities have been used).

6. Move the round marker on the scenario sheet to the next round and pass the First Player token clockwise to the next player.