In games with only one or two players, you are recommended not to use the Soldier.


Discard 2 Determination tokens to look at the top card of the Hunting deck and place it either on top or at the bottom of the deck.

The hunt

Discard 4 Determination tokens to draw the top card from the Beast deck and place it on top of the Hunting deck without looking at it. If it is the first card, it starts the Hunting deck.


During your Action, discard 3 Determination tokens to temporarily gain +3 Weapon level. You can do this, for instance, after revealing the Beast card while on a Hunt Action. You can’t use this ability at any time except during your Action.

Defensive plan

Discard 3 Determination tokens to increase the Palisade or Weapon level by 1. The Palisade level can only be increased if the Shelter has been built. You can’t use this ability when a card has already been revealed but before its effect is resolved.