Combat can occur during a Hunt Action, as the result of the Hungry Animals die, or because of another card or game effect.

Combat cards and values

Many cards with a combat element include four values, printed from left to right:

• strength of the enemy
• reduction to Weapon level
• food gained
• fur gained

Other cards and game effects (including the Hungry Animals die) only mention the strength of the enemy, in which case the other values are considered to be 0.

Combat sequence

To resolve combat:

1. If you want, you can use Items, special abilities, etc to temporarily increase your Weapon level before fighting the enemy.

2. If your Weapon level is lower than the enemy’s strength, the resolving character suffers Wounds equal to the difference.

3. The Weapon level on the board (not counting any temporary increase) is reduced as shown on the card. If the Weapon level is too low to allow the full reduction, the resolving character suffers 1 Wound for each level you are unable to reduce by (the rule of unfulfilled demand). Skip this step if the card or game effect does not mention a reduction in Weapon level.

4. Take the food and fur indicated and place them in the Future Resources space (during the Action Phase) or the Available Resources space (at any other time). Skip this step if the card or game effect does not mention any resources.

5. Apply any additional effects printed on the card.

After resolving the combat, discard any card that initiated it (unless the card itself states otherwise).