Robinson Crusoe

Weather dice


There are three Weather dice: the Rain die (orange), the Winter die (white), and the Hungry Animals die (red).

Each Weather Phase, check the scenario sheet to determine which dice to roll this round, and roll them.

No die can be rolled more than once (e.g. if a card effect and the scenario sheet both say to roll the Hungry Animals die, it is still only rolled once).

Dice results

Snow clouds: Discard 1 wood for each snow cloud. If there are more snow clouds than available wood, each player in camp suffers 1 Wound for each wood that could not be discarded.

Rain clouds: Total the number of rain clouds and snow clouds and deduct from this total the current Roof level. For every remaining cloud, discard 1 food and 1 wood. If there are more clouds than available resources, each player in camp suffers 1 Wound for each resource marker that could not be discarded.

Discard 1 food.

Decrease the Palisade level by 1.

Fight a combat against a strength 3 Beast. All characters suffer any Wounds inflicted.