Economical construction

Discard 2 Determination tokens to use 1 less wood (minimum 0) during one Action.

If you already have the Determination tokens you need during planning, you can assign them to the action, meaning that you can assign 1 less wood. But if you don’t have the Determination tokens when planning, you can’t assign 1 less wood, even if you expect to gain Determination tokens before resolving the action. If it then turns out that you can use this ability to reduce the cost the Action when resolving it, you may save 1 wood and return it to the Available Resources space.


Discard 2 Determination tokens to reroll any brown die rolled during a Build Action. You must accept the new result.

You can’t gain tokens from the result of a roll, then spend those very same tokens to use this ability and reroll the same roll!

A new idea

Discard 3 Determination tokens to draw 5 Inventions from the deck. Choose 1 of them and place it (Invention-side up) on the board with the other Inventions and Items. Discard the cards you don’t choose.

If you ever run out of Invention cards, shuffle the discarded cards to create a new Invention deck.


Discard 3 Determination tokens to receive an additional neutral brown Action pawn. It can only be used for a Build Action this round, and only by you. Discard it at the end of the Action Phase.