Robinson Crusoe

Scenario 3: Jenny needs help!



You win immediately when you build the Lifeboat, as long as you have already rescued Jenny. If Jenny dies, you lose.


Before setup, remove the Storm-glass Starting Equipment card from the game. It can’t be made available in any way during the game.

Rounds and Weather

The scenario lasts 8 rounds. In the Weather Phase of rounds 5–8, roll the red (Hungry Animal) die.

Special inventions

Raft: Building this invention has no effect except that it allows you to take a special Explore Action in a later round (on the Raft, using one or two Action pawns). When this Action is resolved, Jenny is rescued.

Lifeboat: You can only build this in a round after Jenny has been rescued.


Jenny can take 10 Wounds before being killed. Use the scenario sheet to record Jenny’s wounds.

Jenny starts the game unrescued. Before she is rescued, she automatically takes 2 Wounds in each Night Phase (and is not affected by any other game effects).

After she is rescued, take an additional neutral Action pawn to represent her. From now on:

• she cannot perform any Actions except Rest;

• when she performs a Rest Action, she only heals 1 Wound (she can’t benefit from the Bed or Hammock);

• she is affected by all Events that affect all players;

• she is affected by the unfulfilled demands rule;

• she is affected by the Weather dice;

• she must eat during the Night Phase, and can take Wounds for sleeping in the open air;

• she does not change the cost of building the Shelter, Roof or Palisade;

• she cannot become the First Player.

Book and Totem icons

Book: Reduce the Palisade level by 1.

Totem: Each time you reveal a Totem icon, add a numbered token to that Island tile. The numbered token effects are:
1. The player who explored here takes 2 Wounds.
2. Reduce Morale by 2.
3. Place the Rope invention in the Future Resources space.
4. Gain 2 fur.
5.–6. No effect.

Special Discovery tokens

Herbs: Heal 1 Wound.

Ruined hut: Gain 2 wood.

Pistol: Spend to increase the Weapon level by 3 temporarily.

Vines: Increase the Palisade level by 1.

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