Your camp is represented by the camp token, which is placed on the first Island tile during setup. The token starts with the camp side up, but is later flipped over if you build a Shelter.

Moving the camp

If you move the camp to an adjacent tile, either voluntarily (during the Night Phase) or forcibly (because of a game effect):

• Move the camp token to the new tile.

• Reduce the Roof and Palisade to half their values (rounding up).

• Keep the Shelter if you have built it. However, if you have not built the Shelter and were benefiting from a natural Shelter on the old tile, you lose this and must reduce the Roof and Palisade to 0 (even if the new tile has a natural Shelter too).

• Move any / tokens to the new tile, except if there are identical tokens on the new tile, in which case discard the current tokens and flip or discard the cards that provided them.

• If you previously built a Shortcut, discard the Shortcut token and flip the Shortcut Item back to the Invention side.